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Manufacturer: SP-LaboratoriesSubstance: Sildenafil CitratePackage: One pack contains 10 pills

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SP AGRA (Sildenafil Citrate) One pack contains 10 pills – Oral Steroids from SP-Laboratories.

Every man heard about Viagra, even if he didn ‘t use that drug. He became the first popular potency stimulant. SP Agra from SP Laboratories is an analogue of Viagra. To order SP Agra inexpensive, it is enough to contact our online steroid store. Here you will find all kinds of pharma for athletes. At the same time the price of SP Agra looks much more attractive in comparison with pharmacy analogues.


This drug is based on Sildenafil. This substance is a potent inhibitor of type 5 phosphodiesterase (FED5). First it is worth understanding the mechanism of work of SP Agra. In case of sexual arousal, cGMP substance is actively produced in the body. Under its influence, the smooth muscle of blood vessels is relaxed. As a result, blood flow is dramatically accelerated, and the cavernous bodies of the male sexual organ are completely filled with blood. This results in a strong erection.

ФЭД5 contributes to the destruction of cGMP. It is quite obvious that this leads to deterioration of erection. SP Agra inhibits phosphodiesterase. Studies have found that Sildenafil is capable of working not only in small pelvis tissues, but also in muscle tissues. Thanks to this, bilders can achieve a powerful pamping effect during the training with the help of SP Agra.

The drug from SP Labs has a high level of safety. This is because Sildenafil has little effect on the production of the enzyme phosphodiesterase of other types synthesized in the rest of the body tissues.


If it is about using SP Agra for the intended purpose, it is enough to drink a pill (25 mg) 60 minutes before the supposed sexual intercourse. The drug works for 24 hours. It is strongly not recommended that this drug be abused as a means of enhancing potency. We recommend purchasing it only for situations where a man is unsure of his own power.

To enhance the pamping effect of SP Agra is also used in a one-time dosage of 25 mg. However, the length of the SP Agra course depends on the frequency of tablet administration. We recommend using a potency stimulant only on training days. In such a situation, it can be used for six weeks. If you take the drug daily, the course duration should not exceed one month.

The second scheme is used by billers quite rarely. It is quite obvious that they choose the first bop because of the possibility of carrying out a longer course. This, in turn, allows to increase performance of training.

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