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Manufacturer: SP-LaboratoriesSubstance: Chorionic GonadotropinPackage: 1 vial contains 1000iu

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SP GONADOTROPIN 1000 (Chorionic Gonadotropin) 1 vial contains 1000iuĀ – Growth Hormone from SP-Laboratories.

Gonadotropin 1000iu sp laboratories is a natural hormone whose effects on the body are comparable to LG and FSH. That is why gonadotropin is used in culturism. It should be noted that most often Gonadotropin sp laboratories is not used after the course. Its main task is to maintain the performance of testicles during steroid use. As is known, any anabolic to varying degrees has the ability to suppress the operation of the pituitary arc. By using Gonadotropin for PCT, serious health problems can be avoided.

Positive effects of gonadotropin sp laboratories

  • Stimulates operability of testicles;
  • Prevents cessation of male hormone secretion in powerful AAS courses;
  • Stimulates the growth of secondary sexual signs.

Methods of application and dosages gonadotropin 1000iu sp laboratoriesAlthough the half-life of gonadotropin 1000iu sp laboratories is only a few hours, the drug can affect the body for about two days. If you used only one steroid for a maximum of one and a half months and its dosages were small, then gonadotropin is not useful to you. And if the cycle duration exceeds two months, and the cycle included at least two anabolics, then Gonadotropin 1000iusp laboratories is simply necessary to order.

The duration of application of gonadotropin sp laboratories is three to five weeks. The preparation must be administered every 2nd day in an amount of 500 units. It should also be remembered that between two courses of this drug it is necessary to pause for a minimum of 14 days.

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