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Manufacturer: SP-LaboratoriesSubstance: Chorionic GonadotropinPackage: 1 vial contains 5000iu

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SP GONADOTROPIN 5000 (Chorionic Gonadotropin) 1 vial contains 5000iuĀ – Growth Hormone from SP-Laboratories.

SP Gonadotropin 5000 I.U. is a natural human hormone contained in a woman ‘s placenta during pregnancy. In order to obtain HCG in the form of a preparation, urine of a pregnant woman is used, which is purified in laboratory conditions. Human gonadotropin is similar in effect to luteinizing hormone, which is a precursor to testosterone.

In its effect on the body (Gonadotropin) is completely similar to luteinizing hormone. As well as, luteinizing hormone, gonadotropin signals through the pituitary to the testicles about the enhancement of testosterone production. In addition to its ability to increase testosterone production, the drug improves sperm quality, can make more pronounced secondary sex signs, in both men and women. In women, the action of chorionic gonadotropin is to enhance progesterone production and accelerate egg maturation. It also promotes placenta formation.

Under natural conditions, the amount of chorionic gonadotropin is regulated by feedback in the hypotolamus, pituitary and testicular interaction chains. The lack of HCG in the body leads to a decrease in testicles in size and a decrease in their functionality. The artificial administration of synthetic testosterone and its analogues makes it clear to the hypotolamus-pituitary-testicular system that gonadoliberin and gonadotropin production is not required. Consequently, the testicles lose their functions and decrease in size over time.

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