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SP OXANOBOL (Oxandrolone) One pack contains 100 pillsĀ – Oral Steroids from SP-Laboratories.

Oxanabol from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is an oral steroid based on oxandrolone. It was originally developed for children and women, and therefore has a rather mild effect on the body. For the first time in the pharmacological market oxandrolone appeared as far back as 1964. It was developed by the American company Searle Co to stimulate growth in patients suffering from osteoporosis. In medicine, the drug is also used to repair tissues and skin after burns, strengthen ligaments and bones, in anemia and Turner syndrome. The steroid is sinetic, with a heterocyclic A-ring and a substituted carbon atom per hydrogen atom. The high anabolic index along with minimal androgen activity (just 25% of testosterone) made oxandrolone the athletes ‘favourite drug. Oxanabol practically does not affect muscle mass growth, but significantly increases speed-force indicators.

Effects from taking Oxanabol

  • Dry muscle mass kit.
  • A significant increase in power indicators.
  • Stimulation of fat deposit burning.
  • Increase in growth hormone secretion (somatotropin).

Oxandrolone in its structure resembles dihydrotestosterone, or more precisely, is its derivative with an added oxygen atom instead of carbon at the second position. Due to this, Oxanabol has a very high anabolic (4 times higher than testosterone) and low androgenic (quarter of testosterone) activity.

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