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SP OXYMETABOL (Oxymetholone) One pack contains 100 pillsĀ – Oral Steroids from SP-Laboratories.

SP Oxymetabol was probably the all time favorite mass and strength building oral AAS. At dosages of 100-250 mg/d, many realized weight gains of 1 5-25 lbs…n only a few weeks. Users raved about unbelievable strength and recovery as well. Unfortunately, the majority of weight gain was water retention and to a much lesser extent increased red blood cell count. Post-cycle lean mass retention sucked unless a high anabolic AAS such as Nandrolone, Equipoise, Winstrol-Depot, or Primobolan Depot were stacked with it, or in my experience more wisely utilized in a Max Androgen Phase. (And SP Oxymetabol was discontinued at least 10-14 days before the high anabolic of course).

SP Oxymetabol was commonly used the last few weeks pre-contest also. This was done to increase training intensity, post work-out recovery, increase vascularity, and induce a distinct fullness/hardening effect. When used pre-contest, SP Oxymetabol required the use of Nolvadex or other estrogen receptor antagonist.

Even with the use of a Finasteride-type drug, SP Oxymetabol tended to cause balding for some. It also gave many athletes raging gyno in the upper dosage ranges. SP Oxymetabol does not actually aromatize but does posses progesterone like qualities. Progesterone is an estrogen that causes gyno as well as serious water retention. Faslodex (fulvestrant) has been the better estrogen antagonist during administration of any AAS with progestin activity. Why, the drug works by down-regulating estrogen and progesterone receptor counts. Less receptors means less activity. There was a debate as to whether or not SP Oxymetabol did, or could convert to, a DHT or DHT derivative.

SP Oxymetabol was such a potent androgen that it attached itself to sex tissue specific androgen receptors in the scalp and prostatic areas. Finasteride did seem to posses some receptor-site blocking qualities and therefore was helpful. Interestingly, SP Oxymetabol did not induce strong activation of androgen receptor-sites in muscle tissue. But it did cause impressive muscle mass gains. Ironic, but obviously SP Oxymetabol worked. Sadly, SP Oxymetabol was seriously liver toxic. Only Methyltestosterone rivaled it for toxicity and Halotestin beat it for liver destruction. Due to serious water retention during SP Oxymetabol use pre-contest, a diuretic would be necessary the last 2-3 days pre-contest. Remember SP Oxymetabol causes serious HPTA suppression.

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