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Manufacturer: SP-LaboratoriesSubstance: SomatropinPackage: 1 vial contains 10iu

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SP TROPIN 10IU (Somatropin) 1 vial contains 10iuĀ – Growth Hormone from SP-Laboratories.

To gain more high-quality mass and to become attractive – the task for any athlete and bodybuilder, we do not forget and about phytoplies. The brand from the Moldovan company will help to achieve this in a shorter time. The active substance in it is 191 Amino Acid. Package consists of 10 bottles of dry type of 3.3 mg with concentration in each of ten units, total 100UI in pack. You can buy growth hormone SP Tropin, from the popular company SP Laboratories, now with delivery to any of the regions of Russia.

The main effects of SP Tropin are:

  • Combustion of fat;
  • Anabolic action;
  • Inhibits muscle destruction and aging of the body;
  • Protects muscles;
  • Energy, strength and endurance increase;
  • Increase in immunity;
  • Accelerating wound healing, reinforcing bones and ligaments;
  • Rejuvenation and a number of other beneficial properties in general.

Duration of course and dosage

Length of course should not be less than two and more than six months, and dosage of somatropine from SP should not exceed 15 units per day for average level of athlete preparation. Somatropin from SP laboratory differs from analogues only qualitatively products produced at the official plant. High quality and purity of products is the main key to the success of SP manufacturer.

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