TRENBOLONE 75 1ml SP-Laboratories


Manufacturer: SP-LaboratoriesSubstance: Trenbolone AcetatePackage: 75 mg/ml 10 Ampules

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TRENBOLONE 75 1ml (Trenbolone Acetate) 75 mg/ml 10 AmpulesĀ – Injectable Steroids from SP-Laboratories.

Trenbolone 75 from SP Laboratories is a steroid based on trenbolone acetate. The basic active substance exhibits marked anabolic and androgenic activity. Discharged as a liquid for injection, ampoules contain 10 ml, dosage 75.
Trenbolone 75 has an extremely short period of action, which requires frequent administration. This reduces usability, but due to the high power of the drug it enjoys constant popularity. With its help it is possible to increase significant volumes of muscles in a short period of time and to get rid of fat deposits without risk of mass loss.

Trenbolone 75 SP Laboratories effects

  • Build-up of muscle mass “without water”;
  • Acceleration of recovery period in the period between training processes;
  • Significant increase in force indicators;
  • strengthening of a libido;
  • Strengthening of joints and ligament apparatus;
  • High concentration of prolactin in blood.

Side effects are observed against the background of uncontrolled steroid administration. These include symptoms of virization, suppression of ovarian work, irregular menstruation, hypercalcemia in women. In men – hyperpigmentation of skin, suspension of growth of tubular bones, hypertrophy of prostate.

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